It's A New Era

"It's a brave new world."
Located in the deep south, New Orleans is home to the highly superstitious and the deeply devout. The cuisine is world renowned, and as the birthplace of jazz, the city holds a very special place in the heart of Louisiana. But there are other things the city is known for as well, much darker things. Hundreds of supernatural beings live freely amongst the hundreds of thousands of humans. Most remain unaware, convinced that the stories of creatures that go bump in the night are just that: stories. But their childhood fears are very much reality
Enter if you dare.

Created - 13.02.2012

OC characters are accepted and some FC's are negotiable.
Full Moon: 14th and 28th of every month!

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Hello my lovely ladies. 

While this is incredibly hard to type, literally my keys are sticking as to tell me to stop, I think its the right time to say that Secret Supernatural Diaries has run its course.

This place has been open for over two years and I can’t even begin to express how amazing it has been and the people we’ve had — the plots and drama and amount of crying and laughing we’ve all been through, well there hasn’t been another experience quite like it and I’ve honestly never been apart of another roleplay like this one at all. 

While its tough and heartbreaking, I know we’ll all still roleplay together and continue on as we have always; as a family. Thank you to everyone, past and present people who helped make this place spectacular and thanks for bringing to life the greatest character’s I’ve ever roleplayed with.

Deer and I are grateful to everyone and can’t believe how much fun we’ve had. 

I don’t want to end this as you can tell, but I’m going to.

I love you all, I will miss you all and thank you for a great two years. Seriously, its been the greatest.



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Howdy my lovely people.

After much talking and trying to make a decision, Niv came to the conclusion that it is time for a couple of her muses to move on from the RP. This does happen, especially since we’ve been open so long and certain character’s have been around for almost a year and a half.

So, that being said, please unfollow:

opal-gunner asked: Hey guys! So this has been a long time coming I guess, but I think it's best if I leave the rp bc I can't find the time atm to be able to be active on Opal and it's reallyyyyy hard for me considering my timezone and school/work, and it's not fair for me to stay in the group but barely be around. I'm going to miss all of you, and rping with you, and my characters so so so so much. Until next time guys! ;D <3 

I’ve always said that RL is top priority and although we will all miss you like you wouldn’t believe it, we completely understand in every way. You are a fantastic roleplayer and an even better person and seriously, you’ll be missed immensely! Don’t be a stranger and our inbox is always open to you, Sarah!! WE LOVE YOU SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please unfollow

  • Roxanne Stanton
  • Opal Gunner.


Ladies and ladies, its that time again — new task time.

For this task, I want everyone to think about their character/characters and the one moment that truly changed their life’s. Then I want you to write about what would be different about them, their life’s, personality etc if that moment never happened. Really explore the possibilities and see how things might have been with them, if the event never occurred.

  • Can be as long and short as you want.
  • Can write it as a solo para/flashback — as long as the character reflects on how they’ve changed and how they would have been.
  • Multiple characters? At least two should complete it. 
  • Two weeks will be given to complete the task.
  • Track the tag — ssdtask 5
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to message us.
— Flynn.

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Guys, I’ve said it enough times so it shouldn’t have to be said again, but here I go — Reblog starters. If you’re on talking to someone, reblog a starter when its posted. No one wants to feel left out and we’re not that type of RP; never have been so let’s not turn into one. 


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remy-deltoro asked: Hello hello, was wondering if it's its possible for me to take a small hiatus? Just until Monday. This week has been big for me, considering I don't do anything and now I'm getting motivated so I'm just busy and drained and have no energy in me to rp right now. So just until monday would be goooood. :) love you ALL A SHIT LOAD! 

Of course! Thanks for letting us know on the main, Niv.

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remy-deltoro asked: Hello. So sorry I haven't been around as much. Been getting up early and getting back into walking and just being outside and it's honestly just tired me out, it happens. But my activity will definitely pick up tomorrow. So -- don't kick me out cause, I got no where else to go :) 

This is your first and final warning, missy. Completely understandable and it happens to us all, so don’t fret — you’re never allowed to leave, mwhaha.


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