It's A New Era

"It's a brave new world."
Located in the deep south, New Orleans is home to the highly superstitious and the deeply devout. The cuisine is world renowned, and as the birthplace of jazz, the city holds a very special place in the heart of Louisiana. But there are other things the city is known for as well, much darker things. Hundreds of supernatural beings live freely amongst the hundreds of thousands of humans. Most remain unaware, convinced that the stories of creatures that go bump in the night are just that: stories. But their childhood fears are very much reality
Enter if you dare.

Created - 13.02.2012

OC characters are accepted and some FC's are negotiable.
Full Moon: 14th and 28th of every month!

Special thanks to thekingwrites for our beautiful character graphics.
Angelic wanted in Mystic Falls!

Angelic | Demon | OPEN | Imogen Poots FC.

Bio:¬†Angelic is the younger sister of Damien, she is another one of the demons of the seven deadly sins; she is the demon of greed. Just like her older brother, she intends on getting revenge on both of the Winchesters for sending them both to hell for over 100 years. She is 22 in appearance. The main things Angelic wants out of life is everything. Money, power, goods, anything she see’s and wants, she gets her hands on. She is very conceited and narcissistic, along with sarcastic and witty. She doesn’t drop her high standards for anyone. Angelic knows she is beautiful and she uses her appearance to help her get whatever she wants, and she doesn’t let anyone stand in her way. She is not to be messed with, and not to be underestimated just because of her looks.

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