It's A New Era

"It's a brave new world."
Located in the deep south, New Orleans is home to the highly superstitious and the deeply devout. The cuisine is world renowned, and as the birthplace of jazz, the city holds a very special place in the heart of Louisiana. But there are other things the city is known for as well, much darker things. Hundreds of supernatural beings live freely amongst the hundreds of thousands of humans. Most remain unaware, convinced that the stories of creatures that go bump in the night are just that: stories. But their childhood fears are very much reality
Enter if you dare.

Created - 13.02.2012

OC characters are accepted and some FC's are negotiable.
Full Moon: 14th and 28th of every month!

Special thanks to thekingwrites for our beautiful character graphics.

Peyton is one of the three founding members of the L.A coven along with Gabriel and Vincent. She met Vincent after he had been turned and instantly knew there was something different about him as he took a liking to her and introduced her to Gabriel who agreed she would be a perfect fit for them and the start of their coven - Vincent turned her after telling the girl everything about his world. The English born girl relished in being a vampire, never once hesitating in doing what she needed for the coven or for Vincent whom she still hasn’t been released from. Peyton only takes orders from Vincent and Gabriel, however she and Gabriel constantly bicker with one another as they have a very strong brother/sister bond whilst she adores and some would say loves Vincent deeply - she would choose his side in an instant if a fraction in the coven happened. Her loyalty to Vincent runs deeply, however she wonders if he hasn’t released her so he may use her how he pleases. She truly only listens to his orders and although almost the same age - she is afraid of him. 

The vampire has come to Mystic Fall’s because the Mikaelson’s and Valentines are residing in the supernatural town and her paranoid nature and tendency to know everything about the other large families was too much that she couldn’t stay away. Peyton relies on her instincts above all else and has never gone against her gut feeling. It is those she doesn’t trust that she keeps closest and will often befriend those that she is suspicious about first. Always wanting to acquire new skills, Peyton is extremely skillful when it comes to firearms and often carries her guns as another method of protection - she has increasingly become more paranoid that Vincent and Gabriel will turn on her, that eventually the two males will be done with her, so she is always prepared and her guard is often up. If you can manage to get passed the walls and know her, she is actually quite caring, especially to the younger vampires. Her outlook on humans has started to change recently as she befriended a young woman named Cecilia who traveled with her for 10 years before being mistaken for a vampire by a hunter and ever since Peyton has been paying more attention to humans and viewing them as more than just food - she cannot stand hunters.  

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